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    The welcome begins with a smile, a real smile, which makes feel the pleasure of having been chosen for the holiday of the moment. Being chosen as a holiday destination is a privilege and a commitment because I know that there are many expectations in this regard, but this also becomes a challenge that I like to win. Dear guest, La Casetta is not a point of arrival rather the departure for a journey to discover a wonderful area where you can find nature, food and wine, culture and lots of friendship. I’m Alfia and I’m at your disposal to start planning this adventure.


    I have always liked to admire the sweetness of the Prosecco hills and the rows of vineyards which, depending on the seasons, create an art specific to this area because it is the fruit of the union of colours, nature, people and the history of this territory.

    I then like to share the art, poetry, wine and good food of the Prosecco hills with the guests of Cà Natalìa.

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    La Casetta

    al numero :

    + 39 349 4347082

    Strada al Codolà, 11 – 31049 Valdobbiadene (TV)

    Codice ID M0260870009
    CIR 026087-LOC.00003



    Cá Natalìa

    al numero:

    +39 340 2343035

    Via Colture 5 – 31049 Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene (TV)

    Codice ID M0260870023
    CIR 026087-LOC-00029